Former Wisconsin Die Cast Facility
Milwaukee, WI – EPA Region V

201 West Oklahoma Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Latitude: 42.9852820
Longitude: -87.9118670

The Former Wisconsin Die Cast Facility operated as a machine shop and zinc and aluminum die cast foundry for roughly 63 years. The Site consists of a 2.8 acre parcel developed with several interconnected buildings that encompass 61,000 square feet.
Over the past several years, the site has been subject to persistent trespassing, vandalism, and scrapping. Activity has disturbed the painted surfaces, mercury containing products, and asbestos based building materials. The City of Milwaukee referred the Site to EPA Region 5 for a potential removal action in December 2013.
The operation abruptly shut down and abandoned in 2008. The Site contains liquid, solid and semi-solid wastes in drums, tanks, floor trenches & drains, other containers, and a storage trailer in the parking lot. The building is also known to contain asbestos-containing insulation & building materials, PCB & lead based painted surfaces, and mercury-containing devices.

EPA has completed a Site Assessment and a site Removal Action at the Site to abate potential risks to human health and the environment. City is looking at options for the building and land.



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