Chilton Plating
Chilton, WI
420 E. Main Street
Chilton, WI 53014

Latitude: 44.0333540
Longitude: -88.1511079

Chilton Plating in Chilton, WI contains a former plating company that operated from 1961 until 2007, but could have also served as a set for the filming of the last season of Breaking Bad. The owner of the company is bankrupt and unable to properly dispose of the hazardous waste and unused products that remain at the site. There were approximately 300 drums and many vats of hazardous waste materials at the site. Drums and vats were found to contain hydrofluoric acid, sodium cyanide, flammable materials, explosive materials, corrosive materials, and materials containing high concentrations of metals including chromium, nickel, and copper. Materials were stored together and some containers were leaking. The removal action concluded on July 29, 2011. In October 2011, an additional drum of chromium waste was identified by the property owner and removed by the EPA. A branch of the Manitowoc River runs along the western edge of the property.

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