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Tecumseh Heus
New Holstein, WI
1604 Michigan Avenue
New Holstein, WI 53061

Latitude: 43.9517523
Longitude: -88.0859015

Roughly 65 drums, 25 totes, 10 vats and tanks, along with numerous smaller containers of liquid and solid waste were abandoned at the former Heus Manufacturing facility in early, 2010. A large sprawling complex Lauson Manufacturing began producing farm implements, steam tractors, and gasoline engines at this site in the early I900s. By the 1940s, the principle item manufactured at the facility was small gasoline engines. Tecumseh Products Company acquired the Site in 1956. Tecumseh Products significantly expanded operations at the facility over the course of the next fifty years. Tecumseh Products transferred the facility to its subsidiary Tecumseh Power Company in 2003. Tecumseh ceased manufacturing operations at the facility in July 2007. The location of the property owner is unknown to local officials and the City did not have the resources to dispose of the abandoned waste. In June, 2010, WDNR requested that the EPA conduct a time-critical removal action at the Site.

In August 2010, the EPA conducted a Site assessment at the facility to evaluate the abandoned waste. The building was largely in good condition, however substantial pooling of water on the floor was observed from numerous leaks in the roof. The majority of the material was waste oil; containing some amounts of PCBs. Older drums abandoned at the facility were under pressure. Numerous open pits filled with liquid waste were seen throughout the facility along with small quantities of corrosive materials. The building is dark with no electricity and limited amounts of natural light. Other than the perimeter fence, the building is not secured. Conditions in the structure present a significant safety hazard for any persons in the building. Indications of recent trespassing include graffiti, empty soda and beer cans.

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