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Mirro Spirtas
Manitowoc, WI
1512 Washington Street
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Latitude: 44.0889397
Longitude: -87.6677455

One of the largest and most imposing sites is a former aluminum products manufacturing facility that is currently vacant and slated for demolition by the property owner, EJ Spirtas Group, LLC, a St. Louis, Missouri based demolition company. The Mirro Aluminum Company, commonly known as Mirro, operated at this facility for more than 100 years. At its peak, Mirro was the United States’ largest manufacturer of aluminum cookware products. The facility is in poor condition and there is evidence throughout the building of trespassing and criminal activity. There is no utility service to the building.

In January 2010, the EPA conducted a Site Assessment at the Mirro facility and found roughly thirty small drums of waste oil; some contained extremely high concentrations of PCBs and approximately ten additional drums of abandoned waste liquids, which included flammables. Indication of spills in and around two transformer rooms were observed. Floor drains that lead off site were witnessed in areas of known waste spills.

On July 18, 2011, EJ Spirtas Group began a voluntary clean-up at the site to address the threats identified during the EPA’s Site Assessment. The clean-up will be accomplished in two phases. During phase one, all liquid waste at the facility was removed, the PCB polluted flooring was removed, and the sub-floors were cleaned and marked. During phase two, expected in Fall, 2011, the building will be demolished and the PCB contaminated building materials will be disposed of.