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Milwaukee Die Casting
Milwaukee, WI
4132 N. Holton Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Latitude: 43.0956370
Longitude: -87.9051970

Milwaukee Die Casting is an abandoned property in a mixed residential, commercial, and industrial area at the north end of the Riverwest community in Milwaukee. The building, soil, surrounding soil, and groundwater are contaminated with PCBs and chlorinated solvents PCE and TCE. PCBs have also been found in the sanitary and storm water sewer systems servicing MDC and impacting the Milwaukee River that runs near the eastern edge of the property. The EPA’s Site Assessment confirmed pollution that warranted a time-critical removal action at the facility. Despite a fence around the property, there is evidence of frequent trespassing, vandalism and one of the best displays of graffiti in Milwaukee.

Pharmacia LLC and Fisher Controls International LLC agreed in March 2013 to conduct a time-critical removal action at the Site, with EPA oversight. The Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee (RACM) has assumed ownership of the property to expedite the cleanup. Site security and stabilization measures began on May 17, 2013. The removal action is expected to take roughly one year to complete and is being completed now. After the structures have been removed the land will be scraped and capped with roughly 2 feet of clay, sand, and soil. Future use of this property can only be low human contact use such as a parking lot, or storage facility.

As of late May 2015 the majority of structures have been demolished and removed from this site.  There is ongoing daily activity at the site and continued excavation.  It is amazing to see the transformation of this space and what it might become.  As I walked along the back of the property recently I noticed dying elm trees and for a moment thought to look for morel mushrooms and quickly realized my heavy metal/pcb daydream.  I am so intrigued by this area.  It is about 50 yards from a beautiful turn in the Milwaukee River, but it is miles from ever being used as functional space.

Please take note of Pharmacia LLC.’s involvement and my post on Monsanto.




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